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Are You Still Conducting Training Programs?Time To Switch To Learning Journeys

Training Programs Vs Learning Journey

If you are a training manager or HR professional reading this post you most like understand what I am talking about. One of the major complaints of all major organizations who have well designed training framework and infrastructure is most often the same one thing.

We are not getting clear visibility on impact of business results; any impact the training has on individual also lasts for a short time

The good news, there is a very simple solution to your problems. And the solution is to move from training programs to learning journey. Furthermore stop calling staggered training programs for individual as learning journey or training journey.

Then what is Learning Journey?

It is certainly not a list of training separated over a period of time with at most few pre and post assessments. A Learning Journey must have the following stages.

1. Identification of the skills or competencies that is to be developed over a period of time.

2. The identified competencies and skills must have proven impact on your business results. The targeted improvement or change needs to be quantified as, from what proficiency to what targeted proficiency and by when. This preferably has to been on a scale.

3. The classroom training and or E-Learning, mentoring, coaching e.t.c must be clearly identified before the start of first invervention

4. There must be action planning after the end of each intervention and it must be tracked.

5. The productivity data must be continuously collected to see how any changes if required can be made.

6. Participants in the Learning Journey must have an avenue to find answers to their queries, challenges, developmental questions after a workshop. It can be through dedicated forum, mentors, group coaching or any other tool that works best with the organization.

7. The Learning Journey must include feedback about the individual's core skills or competencies before and after the program. A 360° feedback tool or multirator assessment can be used for this.

8. The training impact must be measured against improvement in proficiency, productivity, business results

9. The Journey must end with Individual Development Plan and the road-map for another journey. The learning never stops and so does the learning journey.

How can You integrate all the resources required for Learning Journey?

First of all you will not need external help for 80% of the learning journey. Rest assured if you need help for the rest 20% please reach out to Conceptial Training & Consulting which has all tools to devise the right solution for you.

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