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Conceptial Leadership programs : New benchmark for Leadership Development

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

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Today, organisations all over the world are realizing the increasing demand of human resource (HR) training in the constantly evolving business world and for a majority of entrepreneurs employee’s training is the fuel of enhanced productivity and growth. That’s why HR leaders are adopting novel approaches of Training and Development (T&D) in the line of changing economic scenario and business objectives. Hence, many training modules have been developed and practiced by HR leaders and consultants in the past few years, some of the prominent programmes are Change Management, Accountability for results, Effective Delegation, New Manager Development Aka first time manager, Train the Trainer, Handling Difficult Conversation and Managing people for results and lots more, and Conceptial training and Consulting provides all these solutions under one roof. It also customizable as per the ease and demand of the organization or HR. Conceptial always focuses maximum training ROI at minimum cost.

Concept and Purpose of the Training

Conceptial Leadership training programs has been developed to convert managers into leaders and coaches. It narrows down the gap between managers and team members, accentuates communication between them and motivates the employees for active participation in group activities, reinforces peer-to-peer coordination and instils a feeling of solidarity among the team members. The purpose of Conceptial numerous leadership programs is to make the leadership skills of corporate professionals more and more task oriented, flexible and as well as feasible because every new task demands some fresh strategies and HR tools. And Conceptial Leadership programs is a kind of novel approach that enables HR leaders to inspire the team for the accomplishment of organisational goals.

Critical Learning Objectives

Trainers and change managers should try to improve three personality attributes of the employees through a training programme, these are - willingness to take initiatives, keenness to learn new technologies/methodologies and eagerness to improve productivity with the help of the two. Here, the HR manager should choose an appropriate leadership style only after diagnosing the development level of her/his team. Frequent meetings and conversations with the team members, facilitating group communication, active listening, feedback, problem anticipation and finally resolving the problems with smart solutions are the qualities of a good HR manager that are pretty much essential to bring desirable changes in employees’ personalities. Conceptial leadership programs equips a manager with all such qualities and skills.

What Makes Conceptial Leadership Training Programs Engaging and Interesting

Conceptial leadership training programs works on scientifically developed yet crispy and engaging content, interactive games, role plays, informative videos, game cards, conversation starters, and streamlined simulation activities bring desirable behavioural changes and improve the overall productivity of an organisation.

Core Benefits of Conceptial Leadership Training Programs

T&D has a great importance in making the employees ready for a concentric task, understanding the importance of collective responsibility, accountability and teamwork. Various types of T&D activities help to strengthen team’s efforts for enhanced productivity and organisational growth. Innovative training approaches like Conceptial leadership training programs not only raise the employees’ competency level, but it also leverages a culture of accountability, commitment, self-actualisation and satisfaction. Conceptial leadership training programs has emerged as a benchmark training programme for the contemporary HR professionals and corporate leaders; it is a training that inspires both leaders and followers to ‘Aim high and Accomplish Big’.


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