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How to Engage and Retain Your Employees

Today in the business era, an enormous risk which all organizations are facing is the risk of continuity of businesses, all round the world. It deprives the organizations and takes away the skilled talent which they need due to the broadening of the leadership gap as the experts of the organization leave or shrink their presence in the workforce.

Hence, it is of no surprise that all types of organizations are looking for new ideas to engage, develop and retain their employees. According to a study, 87% of the executives rate culture and employee engagement as one of their top challenges.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is an investment we make in for the privilege of future proofing our organization’s productivity and performance. This can be done by ensuring that the employees have a clear understanding of what their role is in the organization, opportunities to grow for them and clear and well-defined career mobility, which helps in giving a positive impact on the employee engagement activities.

Employee Engagement is influenced positively only when the employees are enabled, empowered and has understood what the organization expects of them. Give your managers and employees the flexibility to create a culture of engagement. Companies that get into the engagement and development of their workforce realize a 59% growth in revenue per employee.Highly engaged employees respond 96% favourable to the question, “I have a very clear idea of my job responsibilities,” vs. 37% favourable for disengaged employees.

Meet the Self-Developing Organization

A Self-Developing Organization where technology is used for educating and learning for the employees to occur naturally as a part of the daily workflow.

To properly engage and retain employees, organizations must:

1. Empower Individuals

So that they can have a clear and simple view to identify their development opportunities and would define a tailor made career path for them.

2.Equip Leaders

So that they involve their team in all the decisions and synchronize it with the mission of the organization while being productive also at the same time.

3. Recognise and reward employees

The efforts of the employees need to be recognised and also rewarded on a timely basis if you want to retain and engage the top talent of your company. Identifying the goals for each project would help the employees to get the better understanding of what they need to do.

The key here is to provide the feedback and rewards to the employees Remember to thank them for what they do and give them credit for a new idea or if they solve a problem. This gives a feeling of engaged, invested in and rewarded to the employees.


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