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The four U's of business Writing- Effective communication skills training tips

One of the important elements of any communication skill development training is to improve business writing of the individual participant. It was never so important than in this internet age, where from emails to social media to writing reports and proposals have become integral success factor in any job role

Let’s have a look at how one of the most powerful principles of writing can implemented across all kinds of writing. Yes from email, proposal, reports to even social media you can achieve your intended objective by using these 4 U's for business writing skills as a part of your overall effective writing skills development.

Useful: It must be Useful

The truth we need to face is:

No one’s going to read a writing whether email, proposal report or a simple social media posting. You need to give your audience a reason to read your post, it will compel them to keep on reading.

For example, would you want to read a report post that’s titled My Road Trip With My family ' or 5 Fail-

Safe Tips For a Happy Road Trip family?

while both of them basically talk about the same thing, but, while the first title focuses on the blog writer’s road trip, the latter version gives a reader a benefit – happy children – and tells you exactly how to achieve this – with three fail-safe tips. This makes it useful to the reader.

Unique: It must be unique

How do you make sure what you’re writing about is unique? Everyone’s writes a winning report, proposal or even impactful email.

If you don’t want your readers to yawn and gloss over your headline because they’ve already seen it before, add a little personality to it.

For example, here’s tagline:

"Tastes So Good, Cats Ask for It by Name"

It’s humorous, shows the brand’s personality, and you can bet their tagline isn’t similar to anyone else’s tagline.

Urgent: It must be urgent

Conceptial business writing skills training- Effective communication skills training

Often you will notice urgent headlines for email subject lines or for products and services.

But, you can use urgent headlines for blog posts as well.

If you’ve heard how great retargeting is for your business, reading this headline might urge you to read it or at least bookmark it for future reference.

Ultra Specific: It must be ultra-specific

Some of the best business writings are ultra-specific to their target audience. The more specific your headline is, the better success the post has at resonating with the right people. such as:

10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools to Keep You Organized – It’s a list post so this immediately tells you how many tools you’ll read about, and it’s specifically for bloggers.

How to Grow Your Blog’s Audience (And Keep It) – This is a how-to post, which tells a reader they will learn exactly how to do something. For this blog title, it’s specific to growing and keeping your blog audience, something every blogger craves.


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