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Managing The Millennials

If you’re not actively working to engage your millennials, you may be jeopardizing your company’s future.The key is understanding that Millennials have very different values and expectations in the workplace than previous generations. To get and keep them engaged:

Understand what motivates them. Millennials are self-confident, achievement oriented, and have a respect for diversity. On the job, they seek independence and autonomy, challenge, variety and a fun, communal workplace. They expect the opportunity to develop their professional skills while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Speak their language

Communicate in ways that Millennials will hear and understand, such as texting and other social media platforms. Use humour when appropriate, and don’t talk down to Millennials, especially when providing corrective feedback.

Provide ongoing feedback

Having grown up in a social media world, feedback is a way of life for Millennials, and they expect to give it as well as receive it. Provide daily acknowledgement of their contributions, or redirect them immediately if they need to do something different. Millennials don’t necessarily know how to give effective feedback, so your coaching and guidance in this area is critical. Regardless of their age or generation, most employees want the same things in order to feel a part of the organization:

  • Respect and trust from their managers

  • Clarity of job expectations

  • To be heard and understood

  • To be accepted for their unique value

  • To be acknowledged for their contributions

Treat people with respect, and you will end up with an engaged workforce committed to helping your organization win.


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